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Oct 3rd 2011 my life was forever changed. Just one year before this my husband returned from a 13 month deployment over seas we were officially "newly weds" together!

Since Evan (my husband) deployed just 2 months after we married I was so excited to have that official "first year" together. This wonderful thought quickly had a reality check! Evans home income was much less then what he made deployed. We quickly scrambled to make it "work" which ended me up as a college student plus working 3 different jobs! Evan had just got back from working 13 months without weekends or holidays. There was no WAY my husband was making this work alone.

I geared up and dedicated my life to get us far enough a head of our debt that maybe one day we could afford IVF a $20,000+ procedure that would just maybe grant us with a child after a year or more!

My plan was to finish my bachelors in nursing and get out and find atleast two well paying nursing jobs and continue to work 24/7 for 8 years min! During this time there would be zero vacations, zero new purchases and everything went to pay off our cars, medical bills and our tiny 2 bedroom condo! Even after all that after 8 years our budget only would allow me to be a part time nurse after baby came. I joked with my self "I love nursing! so part time working will be perfect after baby" of course we all say that!! Until we look into the eyes of our own and instantly we know we will fight to be their sole caregiver.

I knew my 8 year plan was ridiculous...... But what more options did I have? Evan had reached his glass ceiling at his job. This was it...... This was my life!

I left daily from 5 am to 2 am between work and classes I never saw my husband. Only when I crawled into bed after a long shift at a rehab hospital did I get a few mins to enjoy him and being a newlywed.

When Oct 3rd 2011 came along I was exhausted. Exactly one year since I put my 8 year plan of action into place and I just KNEW this is NOT what life is about. I cried many days at work in the bathroom stalls because I was so over whelmed, my health was bad and I just missed the life I dreamed of. I was longing for my husband who although now home from Iraq felt even further away now then he did when he was deployed.

I barely showed emotion to Evan he was adjusting very badly to our new life and post war. We were always on edge. I remember one night just crying out to god before I walked into our condo. Just saying "Is this it? Is this what I'm meant to live like? Is this what you planned my whole life for me to do?"

It was 3 days after this moment of crying out to god that I got a message from Shelby Bowman. (A very good friend from highschool I reconnected very randomly with at college. As she was going to a class on campus I was leaving. A min earlier or a min later and we probably would of NEVER reconnected.) We were catching up via chat on Facebook, and I noticed over just 5-6 months her life changed so drastically since we reconnected! She told me she was selling these skinny wraps........ But all I kept thinking is hold on your making how much?!??

After we talked for a second her final words were basically you should join me you'd be amazing at it! Considering I saw all her posts and never ONCE liked them, commented or ever showed interest it was surprising she thought to even say id be amazing at this!

But before I knew it I was on a Monday night corporate call with Pam sowder talking to some one else who was having amazing success in the company. After that call I signed up! I just got online and did it!

It was about two weeks into this business that I told my husband what I did....... He was NOT happy. So began my journey in it works!

Tell me how I managed to add a business into my already hectic life??? I have no idea but I knew there was NO other option at this point well I knew I always had my 8 year plan......... But NO! I was not going to wait 8 years to still even then semi enjoy my life.

I just knew I had to do this I didn't care what I had to do I just knew I had to make this work! And I did! With no sleep, lots of fights with my husband, lots of friends and family turning their backs on me, lots of people telling me I can't and of course lots of people quitting on me and just a few who didn't! And in 7 months from oct 3rd at the age of 21 my husband and I turned in our two weeks to 5 jobs!!! Then 9 months after this Evan did a short deployment for 4 months out of state, While I was 8 months pregnant my husband deployed i promoted not only myself to the 2nd highest rank in the company but my husband promoted his account to this rank to we both became presidential diamonds averaging $32,000 A MONTH!!! Was this real life!! I still have the text when i sent a screen shot of our paycheck to my husband while he was deployed and he literally was in a helicopter and texted me back......... "I'm in tears....... is this for real?" my husband still to that day says from that moment forward he knew in his heart we would be okay forever...........Thanks to this business!

We have never looked back to those jobs. Today we make more in a month then we made all year at our 5 jobs! I wake up daily and thank god and say "lord THIS is the life I knew you had for me" The Lord one upped our life and blessed us with a little girl just 5 months after we retired! He just knew how deeply we desired to be stay at home parents and waited for the perfect time to bless us with her! We never had to do IVF.

Life today is amazing! We are in top 100 highest earners in our company and did it in just 1 1/2 years we did that! We our building our dream home and have paid off so much debt! We moved into a dream home on the mountain we've always wanted to live on! But the best part is definitely that we are no longer working today to be able to live our life tomorrow! We get to enjoy life every single day and put god and family first!

If you are like me and praying, thinking and know the life you have is not the life god has planned for you! Message me! Your life tomorrow is only as good as you choose to make it today!

Don't rely on an 8 or more year plan build your dreams build them today!

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